There’s been some work done here!

Can’t you tell? Well, there has. There has been some work done on my site. And, I didn’t do it all myself. I don’t have the html skills. And, though I might have good ideas and have a good eye, and may one day have some mad design skills, I don’t have them now…so I needed help.

I got the idea from Mama Kat’s blog. That’s a place I visit daily, and also a place where I link up sometimes on Thursdays for her Writer’s Workshop. Anyway, she recently had her site Shatterboxxed. And I thought, wow that’s a cool idea. Maybe my blog needs some work. You know, to make it seem more professional. My readership is slowly going up. It’s something I feel really good about in my life. Why not invest a little bit into it.

So, I did some research. As knock down, crazy awesome as Shatterboxx Media is, they were simply beyond my price range. So I thought of another blog friend I have, Emily over at Mama Sick! I really love her blog layout. And, she is a great blogger. I enjoy following her, you should check her out. Anyway, so I e-mailed good old Emily and asked her where she got her beautiful blog from. AND! She willingly and lovingly told me. She used Margot over at Swank Web Style Design Studio. So I checked them out. I really liked their work. And, Emily, had highly recommended them.  I even started following some of the other blogs they designed. Good stuff!

So, then I put in for a quote. The changes I wanted were actually very minimal. And, though I had to wait a little while for it, and had almost given up. Meaning I had started asking friends for DIY advice. The day came! And, it showed up in my inbox, which I had been dutifully/crazily checking regularly.  A beautiful, shiny AFFORDABLE quote. I was sold!

But, then I had to talk to my husband. He thought his friend was going to help me. I wanted the best I could get, and as quickly. Finally he gave in. He actually wasn’t such a hard sale. He trusts me, since I am in charge of our finances. It takes the burden off of him, since he works SO much, and it keeps us OUT OF DEBT! Which is the grand part!!

Then the work began. She willingly and kindly fixed all the things I didn’t like as we went along. My favorite part is my new button. Check it out! Use it! Often!

Anyway, Margot and I are now done with our work, and I am pleased with the outcome of my swanked up style! Now, if I could just stay healthy enough to keep up with it. In all it’s beauty it deserves to be used – OFTEN! So, I will press on. I do get so much joy from blogging.

So, what do you think of the new look?


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Peggy says:

    Very nice. I like the flower theme.

    1. The flower on the button is my favorite part!

  2. GG says:

    “Button button whose got the button?” Took GG a while to find the button. : ) Good for you with your new style.

    1. Oh Mom! One day you’ll learn all the jargon!!

  3. ayala says:

    Lovely! Stay well and enjoy it all 🙂

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