(But, I won’t show you a picture for proof! I think that’s a little indecent, don’t you?)

Anyway, could you take a minute and say hi to Claire. That’s what Lizzy-Jane did this morning when I got home from the doctor. I almost cried while telling her the good news; she is going to have a sister! A Claire! She obediently said, “Hey Claire,” and “Love you Claire” to my belly. But, then later she referred to her as *Katie*. She has a doll named Claire and a doll named Katie. I had forgotten she had a doll named Claire. Her cousin, Sadie, suggested that name for the doll at her birthday party, when her Grandma gave it to her. I said, even then, that if Lizzy-Jane ever had a sister, her name would be Claire! And, low and behold – if you didn’t notice yet – it’s a girl!

Her full name will be Claire Whitaker Ross. Both Claire and Whitaker are family names. You can follow that link if you want to learn a little more about our family’s names.

I am just so excited to be having a girl. I think Lizzy-Jane is perfect, and I can’t imagine what I would do with a boy! They are so WILD, they jump on things, I would constantly be afraid of his head busting open. Not only that, but now we can share clothes! And, Lizzy-Jane will have a sister, how precious is that! AND, I was much more attached to our girl name. That’s how I knew Lizzy-Jane was a girl, too. I just got much more attached to her name.

Yay! It’s a Claire! Check her out: