GG wanted to go shopping on Saturday, so she called us to meet her half way at Concord Mills. We had a great time perusing a few kitchen stores and a couple children’s stores. GG wanted to buy a drying rack for her new sink, and we were trying to find some potty training underwear, because I am potty training! More on that later. Anyway, before we left, Lizzy-Jane got to ride a carousel for the first time! She loved the horses, and told her Daddy all about it when we got home.









Lizzy-Jane also got to spend some time with GG on her scooter. Her favorite thing to do is push the button for the horn. She did that several times between each store. But, Lizzy-Jane really road around the mall in her stroller, as it is not SAFE for her to ride around on the scooter with GG. She was just sitting in her lap for a minute here after the great adventure of riding on the Carousel!





















Then came Sunday, of course. Lizzy-Jane woke up and was jumping up and down in her bed saying, “I want to get up, I want to go to church!” Her Daddy told me this, I didn’t hear it, but I *totally* believe it! So we had a leisurely morning. Her daddy got her dressed while I got ready. He did a really great job with her hair! Lizzy-Jane loves to go to church. In fact, much to my embarrassment, she fusses almost every time I come to pick her up from the nursery. She just doesn’t want to leave!

By the way, Lizzy-Jane has peed in the potty THREE times this morning! I think we are finally getting it! Thank you Lynette and Elizabeth for your GREAT advice on potty training!!! Praise the Lord, it is finally working. Now I believe she might actually be fully trained by the time we have the new baby! I told her, on Friday, when we bought the new pack of pull-ups, that this was the last pack I was buying. Hee hee, we’ll see how she does through the night. This morning I told her that she was getting potty trained TODAY, and she repeated it several times. Apparently she wants to DO IT today. Of course, the skittles are becoming a great motivator!!