A Day Without Power

So, maybe you noticed, but we had  HUGE storm night before last. It was very loud. It actually woke me up. Apparently their was hail and a tornado nearby. But, really all I heard was wind, rain and thunder. The lightening lit up our whole room. At one point my husband said, “Was that lightening?” I think he though I had flashed the lights or something.

The storm was so bad it threw out our electricity. Luckily I just happened to wake up at 3:44 am and look at the clock. It was blank, so I roused Chris, and told him the power must have gone out. He checked his watch and the light switch, and knew the power was indeed out, and that he had a little bit longer to sleep. I’m just glad he wasn’t late for work due to the outage.

The power was out ALL day, and we thought it would be out even longer. I tried to call the power company four times, and couldn’t get through. Of course, the first time my husband tried, he got through. Apparently there were some power poles and lines down, so there was a lot of work to do to get the power back up. The stop lights in the neighborhood were out and everything. There were policemen directing traffic. I felt bad for them. I though it must be mind numbingly boring to do that all day. Even McDonalds was out of power!

When my daughter and I got up at 7am the whole apartment was still very dark, and I was very drowsy. So, I laid on the couch while she played for a while. I couldn’t serve breakfast, due to no power, so at about 8:15 when the place was much brighter I got us ready and took us to Chik-fil-A for my morning shot of (medicine) coffee, (really, being pregnant I’ve been getting bad headaches, so I take a cup of coffee in the morning, almost as if it were medicine) and breakfast for both of us.

With no power, all day, we had to eat out all three meals yesterday. That might sound like fun, but really it was kind of a drag. It’s not really healthy, and I was looking forward to cooking my husband’s favorite meatloaf last night. Oh well, the funny part is when we got home from dinner….THE POWER WAS ON! As we drove in we were trying to decide if the neighboring buildings looked lit up or not. By the time we got around to our building we were not very hopeful, but we got in, and the green light on the printer was on!

I was too exhausted/drowsy to do anything. So, Lizzy-Jane and I went straight to bed, while Chris played around on the internet.

The after effects of no power for a day? 75 unread blogs in my Google reader this morning. I follow about 35 blogs, and after paying bills, doing e-mail and Facebook, I logged onto my Google reader account, and there were 75 blogs waiting to be read. I DID NOT have time to read all those blogs this morning. Lizzy-Jane and I had morning plans to meet a friend at the fabric store. (I found some lovely fabric to cover LJ’s toy boxes with – we use old diaper boxes.)

You will be happy to know, Lizzy-Jane has taken a good long nap today, and I have now caught up on all my blog reading! Hopefully the power won’t go out again any time soon. We’ve had our adventure!


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  1. Peggy says:

    Oh, I can’t wait to see the boxes. What kind of fabric did you get?

    1. I got some Dr. Seuss fabric, and some green and pink fabric with flowers.

  2. ayala says:

    I am glad that you got your power back 🙂 we had a small storm yesterday but thankfully didn’t lose our power.

    1. Me too! Thanks. I’m glad you didn’t lose yours…it’s a bit of a pain:)

  3. We had some really bad weather here the other night as well, but luckily no power outages. Not even any cable or internet outages, and that usually does happen with severe weather like what we had Monday.

    Do you live in one of the southeastern states?

    1. I do, indeed! I live in North Cackalacky! Also known as North Carolina:)

  4. Jessica says:

    I would go crazy with no power for a day.

    If I didn’t go through my reader for one day I would have probably 300 unread blogs.

    1. Wow, you would NEVER catch up:)

      1. Sometimes, due to my illness, I’ve been off the computer for a while. And then, when I get back to my reader I just skim over everything to make it go away. And, then start following closely again.

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