Dinner at Vida!

A few weeks ago, on a Saturday night, my husband and I decided to go to The Epicenter, in uptown Charlotte for dinner. Actually, I think it was right around Valentines Day, so it was more than a few weeks ago! But, it left an indelible image and memory on my mind, and seems much more recent. We ended up at Vida: Mexican Kitchen Y Cantina, and what a good choice that was! I do believe it was the best dining out experience of my life!

First of all the ambiance and service were amazing. I guess you could consider it a fine dining restaurant, so that’s why the servers were so professional and kind. It was a little pricey, but it was TOTALLY worth it! The music had me chair dancing and the lights were at a perfect low level.

Starting with the chips and salsa, I noticed a difference from most restaurants, and we eat  A LOT of Mexican food. The salsa had an interesting flavour. I couldn’t tell you what the ingredient was, but it was yummy.

For dinner I had Tacos Carne Asada. You can check out the menu here. And, for my sides I had green chile rice and grilled corn with queso fresco. The food was SO delicious. And, the portions weren’t huge like lots of restaurants, but I still brought some home with me, being pregnant I find I can’t eat much in one sitting.

We even had dessert! I had decaf coffee and we shared an ibarra Mexican chocolate creme brulee. It had a coffee flavor to it, and being chocolate was, of course, very good!

The whole experience was amazing. We even had Lizzy-Jane with us. She is a very good kid, but I think she was in particularly good form that night. I think our relaxed and happy mood just rubbed off on her.

Next time we have something to celebrate, we are going back! I loved that place! But, it is definitely a place to go for special occasions only, it’s not the cheep neighborhood restaurant.



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  1. pegbur7 says:

    Next time we are in Charlotte I’ll have to keep this in mind. Stopping by from Mama Kat’s.

    1. Yes! Definitely try it out!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Stopping by from Mama Kat’s! The creme brulee sounds amazing!

  3. Jenners says:

    Sounds wonderful. You had me at ibarra Mexican chocolate creme brulee. (Just take out the coffee flavor.)

    Thanks for the visit.

    1. I wonder if they could take out the coffee flavor? It probably would be even better that way!

  4. Jessica says:

    Yummy! We also eat a lot of Mexican food. Free chips and salsa are always delicious when waiting for your food. That dessert does sound interesting.

    1. Free chips and salsa gets me EVERY time! I call it “instant gratification.”

  5. Shell says:

    That sounds so good!

  6. ayala says:

    Caroline, sounds delicious 🙂

  7. Tessa says:

    So cute! Those questions are darling, but I hear you….they start to feel like nails on a chalkboard after a while. Mom…mama, mama, mama, mommmmmmy! ahahaha. oh, kids.

    1. Tessa says:

      whoops! that comment was meant for your six-word Friday post….I clicked the wrong spot. xo

      1. That’s OK, Tessa. I understand!

    2. Yes! Tired and hungry – never a good mix for patience!

  8. Miss Rhei says:

    I love mexican foods especially tacos. Dropping by from Mama Kat’s!

    1. Me too! I LOVE Mexican food AND Mama Kat’s:)

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