(This is my 50th post by the way. It’s kind of a milestone)

1. I’m sure one of the first things my Mom taught me was to use the potty. I bring this  up only because it is time to potty train Lizzy-Jane, and I feel like a deer in headlights.  I CAN’T seem to get it together. But, I will. In due time. Now that I think about it Mama  didn’t potty train me, Mama Dot did. Mom just followed through on what was so  lovingly started by Mama Dot. Where is Mama Dot when you need her, I ask you?!!

2. My Mama taught me to laugh. I’m not sure she set out to do this. But, we do have the  same infectious laugh. It is one of our truest legacies. That and our hands, we have the  same exact hands.

3. My Mama taught me to LOVE books. She so lovingly and selflessly read to us for  hours on end when we were growing up, and she made sure we had a library card and  were able to go on a regular basis. I LOVE to read! Thanks Mom!

4. My Mama taught me to sing. I love to sing, and I got that from Mom. I grew up  sitting beside her in church and hearing her sing pretty. Even today when we sing certain songs, it’s as if I can hear her there beside me.

5. My Mama taught me to do laundry. If memory serves me correctly I had to do my own laundry in High School. I was very busy back then, so I’m not really sure if memory does serve, but I know for a FACT that I went off to college already knowing how to do the deed.

6. My Mama taught me how to make a really mean meat loaf. Well she didn’t actually teach me. But, she did give me the recipe when my husband fell in love with it, while still my fiancée and staying at there house.  We ate a good one tonight made by a friend. I said, “this is almost as good as mine.” He agreed, “Almost.” Apparently he loves mine the best. Go Mom!

7. My Mama taught me to memorize memory verses for church and Awana. And because of it I got 4 great things. 1. God’s word is hidden in  my heart 2. I got to go to camp for free many, many times 3. I always finished my Awana books and got trophies. and 4. I became a professional actor, very proficient at memorizing lines.

8. My Mama taught me to love my little baby girl. She taught me to shower her with kisses, and read to her and sing to her and tickle her, and basically just love her to pieces every minute of the day. Lizzy-Jane does make that job pretty easy though. Except when she doesn’t. And then I just have to take a breath and get down to the business of loving her to pieces anyway!

9.  My Mama taught me to swim. I LOVE the water. I am so thankful that she taught me that. As I get older I’m less likely to WANT to get into a bathing suit. But, I still love the water. And, I look forward to walking laps in my new neighborhood pool – opening soon!

10. My Mama taught me to make breakfast for dinner. Now usually she likes to micromanage stuff. But this last visit I was able to make the whole meal; grits, eggs, bacon and toast, while she was completely preoccupied…Yep, Mom, You done good. You managed to teach me how to do it all by myself!