1. I wonder as I wander

As I go through this life
I wonder many different sorts things.
Like, when will the cleaning fairy
come, or who will finish this
laundry, or how will we pack
all this stuff, or most of
all – will I ever feel good.

2. Wonder Woman

There are days or weeks, like
last week, when I thought nothing
could get in my way. Even
Strept throat and fevers weren’t squashing
down my productivity. I was Wonder
Woman! Why can’t every week be
just like that one. Pretty Please!

3. It is wonderful

To watch Lizzy-Jane grow up.
Last night, at dinner, we were
discussing the baby in my belly
Lizzy-Jane said, “There’s a baby
in your belly?” And then made
a funny face. I said is
that confusing, and she said, “Um,
yeah.” Her dad guffawed at that.