Yesterday, after her nap, Lizzy-Jane started acting weird. Sick. Clingy and whiny. She wanted me to hold her, and she just lay there limp.  She felt a little warm. So I made a quick trip, in the howling winds, to the CVS to get a new thermometer. I wanted to do it under the arm instead of rectally.

When I got her home I took her temperature. I may have done it wrong, I don’t know, but it came up a little under normal. But, she kept laying on me, while we were watching Princess Bride, and then suddenly she was burning hot. So, I got out the rectal thermometer. She had a fever of 102.6. She’s never had a fever so high, and she’s never ACTED sick before. She’s had the croup, colds and pink eye, but she has never ACTED sick.

I took her straight to the Doctor. Thank the Lord I did. She has Strept Throat. So, it’s 10 days of Amoxacylin for us. And, my poor baby has something that I used to get all the time, until I finally got my TONSILS TAKEN OUT! I cried when the Doctor told me she would test for Strept. I feel so bad for my baby!!!

Poor Little Miss. Sicky Pants

On a funny note; I tried to brush my teeth with Lizzy-Jane’s tooth brush this morning. Hey, my baby has STREPT THROAT, and has been up at 6 am two days in a row….that’s all I’ve got!