Life Without A Computer

What does a girl do when she finds herself without a computer for a week? I found myself that way. My computer had some Malware and Rogue Applications on it. I had to put it in the shop for a week, and I thought I just might die! Seriously, maybe that is a little dramatic. But, it was stark, what I discovered about myself. I draw a lot of comfort from being able to communicate with people on line, while I’m home alone with a two year old all day.

Suddenly without that outlet, I became very sad, and seemingly frozen in place. I read three books. All productivity from the week before went out the window. It seemed I could only focus on what I didn’t have, instead of what I had. Plus, it was bitterly cold all week. Even Lizzy-Jane didn’t want to go out for rides.

I’m thankful I have my computer back now. Am I more productive? Maybe a little. Today, I’m taking it slow though. I had a really crazy busy weekend. Yeah, that’s my excuse. I will get to the unpacking, the dishes and the grocery store eventually. After all, if I don’t, the diapers will run out (that might make for a good potty training ploy – but I won’t risk it!) and the house will moan it’s foreboding revolt!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. GG says:

    Cute picture. I hope things are starting to “look up.”

  2. candcross says:

    that pic is Lizzy-Jane in five years on the computer

  3. GG says:

    That’s funny Chris!

  4. Yeah, she’ll have her own blog by then!

  5. seekingzeal says:

    We had that problem a few months back when our old internet service was not working well. Just about drove us nuts!

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