I am enchanted by her beauty.

Her little pixie face, and her big round eyes. Her wispy hair, and her delicate little hands. She looks like a Precious Moments doll. And, she has the most delightful smiles. Her face is a face of a million expressions, and I love every one of them. She is a beauty! And, many people say she looks like me. Well, I’m just not that beautiful, but I take the compliment with a blush and a smile anyway!

I am enchanted by her memory.

It is amazing what she can remember. She can recognize all her books and call them by name. She remembers all her letters and for most letters she knows a word to go with it, like M for monkey or J for jar! She can remember what is said on some of the pages of her favorite books. Her vocabulary is huge. And, she remembers where things are when she wants them. AND, she has only been 2 for a week!

I am enchanted by her joy.

Even now, as I write, she is in her bedroom playing and singing. And, you should have seen her pure, joyful excitement when her Daddy came home yeserday. She was running around the kitchen squeeling. And, then at the dinner table she started flapping her arms and wagging her head in delight, while singing. She laughs and giggles and smiles. But, most of all she sings, and I know she is full of joy.

I am enchanted by her creativity.

She can make just about anything into a phone, and she talks into it and says the most delightful things; such as, “Hello Grandma, what’s up. Yeah. Yeah. No. Bye bye.” She plays by herself for long periods of times and she already enjoys imaginary play. She loves her knew kitchen set, and loves to pretend she is washing her hands. And, she loves to jump, and stacks pillows on top of each other to create a trampoline. She’s my girl!

I am enchanted by her love of books.

Yesterday my friend, Jennifer, baby sat while I went to the Doctor. When I got home she said, “I must have read 50 books.” And, I don’t doubt her at all! I usually limit Lizzy-Jane to about 10 books a day. But, even so, she plays with them by herself all day long. She just loves them!

I am enchanted by the fact she is mine!

I still look at her and get a shiver. I just can’t believe that she is mine, and that she is real! Even after two years, it still amazes me that the LORD gave me such a delightful daughter. Or, a “gem” as the neighbor said.


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  1. Kasey says:

    She does look like a precious moments doll! My daughter is 19 months and turns everything into a phone too. It’s so funny to hear their conversations! It’s even funnier that when there’s a person on the other end, my daughter will be completely silent!

    Loved your post! Kids are so amazing!

    1. Yep, mine is silent on the “real” phone too!

  2. So sweet! What a pretty little girl. 🙂 I also have a two year old that amazes me daily!

  3. GG says:

    What a delightful suprise when I clicked on to see if you wrote anything. So happy for your creative productivity so early. And so happy Chris came in last night. You are both gems. Love you. GG

    1. Thanks for your constant encouragement, GG!

  4. Soccer Mom says:

    So beautiful. I can completely relate…and I’m still enchanted by my two–now 12 and 10. I love being their mom and I can tell you love being hers. Thanks for sharing this.

    Oh visiting from Mama Kat’s!

    1. You’re most welcome. Thank you for your kind words!

  5. Emily says:

    What a precious daughter you have! You are truly blessed. Have fun with her at Christmas!

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