Birthday Party Number 2

It was a great success. The cake turned out very well, and everyone enjoyed it. I got many compliments, which was encouraging. There were great presents, and Lizzy-Jane helped me unwrap them. The cousins were wild and raucous and played very well together! There were 12 adults and 8 children.

And, oh, the things they say!


Apparently Lizzy-Jane was a little overwhelmed by the chaos a large group of family can create. Every time Turner would pick her up she would say “Mama” and point to the room I was in. She seemed a lot more clingy then usual.

She got a new baby doll from her Grandma. Her cousin, Sadie, says she should be called Claire. Well, Lizzy-Jane really loves that doll, and here’s proof; this morning when we were walking to church she began to sing (think of Louis Armstrong) “Hello Dolly, Hello Baby Doooolllll!”

When we were driving to the party yesterday, a few block from my parents house she recognized where we were and she said, “OH, GG and Ol’ Pappi, look GG and Ol’ Pappi, Lizzy-Bear, I love you Lizzy-Bear!”


Before the party he was riding in the car with his Mom. She said that they were going to go to Lizzy-Jane’s Birthday party. He said, “She’s having another party?” She said, “Yeah she’s turning two.” He said, “Wow she’s growing up FAST.” He’s only 10 mind you.

During the party I pulled out the cake. The icing did not cover the ice-cream torte (pampered chef recipe) very well. Turner said, “Oh, it’s made out of ice-cream sandwiches.” I said, “Yeah, but you’re not supposed to know that, it’s supposed to be a secret.” Then Turner went into the other room and shouted out to everyone, “The cake is made out of ice-cream sandwiches!”


Before we had the food, my father prayed. The cousins were all clumped up together and were trying to all hold on to Lizzy-Jane.  Sadie hissed at her cousin, Bennett, “She’s my cousin!” Well, she’s his cousin too!


All of the sudden I heard a baby crying. But, in a bad mom moment I did not recognize my own daughter’s cry. Two mom’s went back there and apparently Sadie and Bennett had knocked Lizzy-Jane off the bed. Laine brought her to me, and she stopped crying pretty quickly. Then Bennett came running in and very sweetly kissed Lizzy-Jane’s cheek and said, “Sorry.” And, then ran out!

It was a great time. I am very grateful to my parents for hosting and providing so much good food. And, to all my family for coming and celebrating with us!


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