God Is Good

We always know that down deep, somewhere. But, sometimes in the rough and tumble of life, we forget. We have to write the good moments, the ones that cause us to lift up our hands in praise, in stone. But then, the bad stuff, the stuff that leaves us in bed for days, or shakes our confidence….those things should be written in sand.

So, here I am recording two events for which God is to be greatly praised. First, it is important to know that our finances are always hanging on by a thread. The Lord has always provided for all our needs, but mathematically it is often a mystery. And sometimes I am left scratching my head. Others I am found worrying and doubting. But, even in my weakness, He is strong.

The other day Chris went to get a new tire for his car. The first place he went didn’t have exactly what he needed, and was trying to up sell him two instead of one, and for more than we had discussed. So he went to another shop, one that belongs to a man who goes to our church. This man doesn’t sell tires it turns out, but he made some phone calls and sent Chris off to another shop. When they were done and Chris got ready to pay, the mechanic said, “No Mr. C____ is going to come pay for that. We are supposed to call him.” What an unexpected gift! God is good.

Today Chris had to go to court for driving very fast, when he should have been driving much slower. The ticket was supposed to be $161, including court costs. I had saved the money and put it aside in cash, from a previous unexpected windfall (we got a refund check from a medical bill). So he went in and they told everyone that is was a slow day, so everyone was going to get a deal. So, when Chris went up to present his case they couldn’t find his name on the docket or in the computer. So, they looked at his paper ticket, and apparently the electronic ticket never went through. So, he was not in the system. AND, they let him off Scott free. He didn’t even have to pay court costs!!! We both shed some tears over the goodness of the Lord on that one! Now to use it wisely and righteously!!

Day 3 of the Staycation: a miracle! (Oh and a cake was made, I hope it tastes good, cause it doesn’t look so great…..ooops!)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. candcross says:

    Our God is an awesome God, He reigns. Thanks Beautiful. We can never Praise God enough.

  2. GG says:

    I like the stone and sand analagies.

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