…She still looked really cute in that dress. And, she did a better job today following directions and participating than she ever has at Praise Kids. Maybe that was because Daddy was watching! That’s right, today is Day 2 of the Staycation, Daddy got to see Praise Kids in action for the first time. And, sadly, I mistakenly thought today was the Christmas Party for Praise Kids, so I put Lizzy-Jane in her Christmas Dress that GG wants her to get lots of wear out of. Apparently I had a Senior Moment. Next week is the party. Well, she will definitely get plenty of wear out of that dress, because she’ll be wearing it again next week!!

Today is also tree decorating day. But, FIRST we had to go scavenge the tree. Chris talked me into a fake tree. I know right, I can’t believe it! So, off to Roses we went. They had some pretty good deals. Especially on children’s toys. We got some presents for Lizzy-Jane (Yippee). I’m excited for the birthday parties now. Though, I am still a little stressed over the food.

We also went to Books-A-Million. We were going to buy a book, but decided to wait for Christmas. We discovered that there is a new Knuffle Bunny book called Knuffle Bunny Free. We read it. Of course I cried! I  love those books. One day we will own all three! Now we just own Knuffle Bunny Too. We read it a lot! Lizzy-Jane almost has it memorized.

Anyway, the decorating will commence after b.e.d. time.

STAYCATION DAY 2: Another resounding success! (she says as her husband busily prepares dinner in the kitchen!!!)


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  1. GG says:

    I’m glad she’s getting wear out of her Christmas dress. That’s what it’s for to wear to all the Christmas functions. : ) Can’t wait to read todays blog due to hearing about the good gift’s from the Lord.

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