The Things She Says. Part 3

Obviously this is an old picture. But, hey, there’s always time for nostalgia. Plus, all LJ blogs must be accompanied by a photo, so from GG’s and Ol’ Pappi’s computer, this is the what you get!

Last weekend Chris and I were discussing what to have for dinner. I opened the freezer while LJ played under my feet (you know, their favorite spot!). I then opened the refrigerator and looked down at LJ staring into the frig saying, “Hmmmm?” Chris has been laughing about that for days. He said, “You know she got that from you, right? You do that.”

Last night GG and Ol’ Pappi took me and Lizzy-Jane out for Mexican food. Some of the napkins were folded into particular shapes. You’ll find out WHICH shape when I tell you what my girl did. She picked up a “Namkin” and said, “Triangle!” Yep, that’s my girl!!

When we were driving home GG pointed out a fountain to Lizzy-Jane. She was talking about water and the fountain, and Lizzy-Jane chimed in, “If get in, get wet.” I was amazed. How did she put that together?

Well, that’s all for now. We’ll be back for a fourth installment in the forseeable future. And, stay tuned for SIX WORD FRIDAYS!


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