The Things She Says. Part 2

So, I’ve waited too long to write this blog. I was reading through my notes, and I realized, I didn’t always know what in the world I was talking about in those little notes. It is a shame! The point was to remember the cute stuff Lizzy-Jane is doing! But, I’m going to try to record it all for real now anyway.

My girl is a talker. She’s a dancer, a reader,  a joy and a stinker! That’s right! I knew I was watching too many old Ally McBeal reruns when she started dancing and singing along to the theme song. But, the other night she took the cake. I had finished an episode, and she was in bed. You know how at the end of shows they have little blurbs….like for Alias it was Bad Robot! Well, for Ally McBeal it is “You stinker” said in a Boston accent with a little old lady being knocked over by someone coming out of the TV. So, there is goes, “You Stinker,” and I hear from the bedroom. “You stinka!” Not to mention, earlier in the program I busted out laughing, only to hear her parroting me from the bedroom.

Oh, and maybe her teeth were bothering her, I don’t know. She is teething. Anyway, the other night I made chicken nuggets for dinner, and she wouldn’t eat them. So me, being the great mother that I am, offered her ice cream. The good stuff too! It was Chubby Hubby/Ben and Jerry’s. The good news is she did eat the nuggets, or nummys as she calls them, after we polished off the ice cream.  (Why is ice cream not one word by the way, me thinks it should be!)

Recently I had to take Lizzy-Jane along on a doctor visit. Before I got called back, the Dr. was conferring with a client. When she was done she said, “OK, thanks,” and walked away. LJ then said, “OK, thanks.” The woman was several feet away mind you! Also while in the waiting area, Lizzy-Jane noticed the buttons on the blood pressure machine. She kept pointing saying, “Button, button.” And wouldn’t stop until I agreed with her that there was indeed a button over there.

My husband and I have been playing a lot of games lately. And Lizzy-Jane always says, “Play a game!” And, wants to put her hands right in whatever we are doing. It’s funny really. She recognizes all games. Even tonight when I was playing cards on the computer. She kept pointing at the screen and saying, “Play a game!” In fact, the recent game binge started when my friend Jamie dropped by one afternoon. We were playing Rummikub. Lizzy-Jane called her by her name, Jamie, a couple of times. But, for the most part she kept calling her Ms. Amy. Maybe that was because we had just spent the week with my good friend, Amy.

There were several things that happened this afternoon that I wish I had a photo of. You would have loved her reaching into her daddy’s huge green bowl of popcorn to get her own kernels. Or sitting on the floor and stacking Dixie cups onto her foot. Or climbing into her Easter bucket. Those would have made great pictures! Where’s the photographer when you need him?!

Like I said Lizzy-Jane loves to read. She has taken to carrying around a Bible, and she loves us to read John 3:16 to her directly from the tiny print of her already ragged Bible. That’s a verse that my mom and I have sang and quoted to her often. She even sings along with us.  Anyway, one day I was trying to read it to her, and she said, “No, no no.” And took the book and tried to do it herself. It was cute. She often takes books and plays with them. Sometimes she even says her abc’s as she flips through the pages. But, it was great to hear her try to “read” John 3:16 by herself.

My friend, Maggie, baby sat for her one day not so long ago, and brought her a ball with Disney Princesses on it. Now whenever she plays with the ball she call’s it, “Maggie’s ball.” I think it’s amazing that she remembers Maggie so fondly after just a couple of meetings and one play date. That day Maggie also tried to get LJ to say hey to her husband, Johnny. So, LJ also says, “Hey Johnny” a lot when she plays with “Maggie’s Ball.”

Last, but definitely not least, my husband works out of town all week. So, we only see him on the weekends. Sometimes when we talk on the phone I try to guilt trip him by getting Lizzy-Jane to say, “come home Daddy.” She’ll usually do it too. But, the other night was even better. I said, “Ok talk to you later, bye.” And then she parroted, “Talk to you later, Daddy, bye.”

What can you get your children to say? And, what do they do and say that surprises you? I would love to hear from you. Bye for now!


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  1. “Daddy, dinner time. I want cookies”
    When Caroline tried to join in on “Jesus Loves Me” LJ said “NO mama NO, Me sing”

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