These are a few of my
favorite things; when the dog bites,
when the bee stings, when I’m
feeling sad, I simply remember my
….just kidding. Couldn’t be helped.

Chris finally coming home after work.
Lizzy-Jane laughing her head off.

My dad busily cooking everyone dinner,
and then presenting it with artistry.

Lizzy-Jane noisily running across the floor,
and diving into my waiting lap.

Mom playing with Lizzy-Jane, and teaching
her many things only she can.

Chris throwing his head back and
laughing out loud during a movie.

Playing a game with Chris while
Lizzy-Jane puts her hands in everything.

Going for a walk on a
crisp fall morning with my family……..

Fall, spring, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mexican food,
popcorn, ice cream, fresh cookies, books
friends, magazines, movies, traveling, laughing, SLEEPING.

These are a few of my:

This was written as part of Six Word Fridays