I just awoke from sleep with a start at 3:30 am! That’s right, and then I couldn’t get back to sleep. I had a weird dream. No, really W.E.I.R.D. First of all it was set in – I don’t know where, but I was back on tour with the Hampstead Stage Company. We were about to leave for our tour, and were packing our van. For some reason my tour partner’s dad was really into helping us. So I was stressed out about not doing anything right.

And then we left, in really bad weather. My partner was driving. So, we’re driving along on some interstate somewhere really fast, and my partner drives off the road as I shout, “Where are you going?” And then we’re floating. He says, “Do you think we’ll land?” I can’t speak. And then I call out his name, begging him to listen, cause I want to tell him I love him? But, he’s ignoring me, and then we land. And, we’re right back where we started a couple hours ago. Apparently some guy got out of our way for us to land right back into traffic. We fell back.

And then I jerk awake, out of breath! My heart racing!

Now, I’ve never put much stock in dreams….BUT. What does it mean? DO you have any ideas? I often dream about losing my teeth….and it seems very real. Like, I check my teeth when I wake up, but I know that’s just your run of the mill anxiety dream. So, what do you think of the car falling back dream?


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