Praise Kids

The morning started out with a mistake. I made the mistake of telling Lizzy-Jane, right after she finished her breakfast, that we were going to Praise Kids. She, of course, was ready to leave right away. So, I tried to appease her by getting dressed and ready. But, it still wasn’t time to go. So, I sat down at the computer. She had a complete melt down. I wish I had a picture of her throwing herself on the couch and saying, “Praise Kids, Praise Kids.” I’ll have to remember in the future not to mention it until it is time to walk out the door.

Of course, when we pulled into the parking lot, what did she say? Let me hear it….That’s right! She said, “Church.” She was excited, and met a boy right away. I’m not sure how Daddy will react to these bits.

When we got to the part where we play ring around the roses, He Grabbed Her Hand! That’s right, I think he LIKES her.

Lizzy-Jane had fun today, of course. But, for the most part she would just stand in the middle of the room and watch all the action, without really participating. A couple of times she crawled into the lap of other ladies. And one time she called out, “Mom.” And I said, “I’m over here, baby.” And she came running.

This is Lizzy-Jane getting her piece of fabric. She chose about four different ones, before I had to narrow it down for her. I think her favorite part is obtaining the newest item. She loves to dig around in the boxes.

You might think toddlers playing with a ribbon on a stick in a large group is not such a good idea. But, they never seem to poke each other’s eyes out. Maybe the many moms and grandmas in the room are able to mitigate the danger.  Again, LJ picked out four sticks. She was making a little pile for herself.

At the end we go on a follow the leader parade with instruments around the basement of the church. Lizzy-Jane traded out her instrument three times. Twice with me and once with Mr. Josh, whom she’s really warming up to. He got a high five again today.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. GG says:

    So what’s the boys name? Micha won’t be jealous will he?

    1. I think the boy’s name is Brayden…no Micah won’t be jealous, that was a summer romance:)

  2. Was there a background check done on this “boy”? Where was L-J’s chaperone when this hand holding incident happened? I am not sure “Praise kids” is a good place for Lizzy-Jane with these feral hand grabbing boys.

  3. Praise Kids is a GREAT place. You’re supposed to hold hands during ring around the roses. The kid was just including her. She let go pretty soon though….

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