FOR THE RECORD: Six Word Fridays.

FOR THE RECORD: I’ve been tired

I don’t always sleep all day.
In fact sometimes I barely sleep,
spending hours upon hours fully awake.
Those times catch up with me.

Now, I’m tired, I tell you.
I’ve spent a week of vacation
napping, yet still a bit tired.
And, I can’t help but wonder;
What has gotten me so tired?

Was it the two nights last
week that I spent fully awake?
Or is it the increased dosage
of medicine the Doc has prescribed?
Or is it precious Aunt Flow
who came four full days early?

Who knows! But, FOR THE RECORD
I am a sleepy little woman!

This Post was written as part of: Six Word Fridays


12 Comments Add yours

  1. 2bdancing says:

    I hope you get some rest.

  2. Melissa says:

    Sometimes one vacation is not enough!
    Take another! More napping! 😉 Well, maybe…

    1. Not right now, but maybe soon!

  3. Four full days early? Oh my!
    That’s gotta be it right there.

  4. Elle says:

    A vacation makes me need another.
    Insomnia keeps me up as well.
    My hubby’s snoring doesn’t help either.
    I use Rescue Remedy, Whole Foods.
    Sometimes L-Tryptophan, drugstore dot com.
    Calms Forte helps on some nights.
    Doesn’t cure but worth a shot.
    Can’t you tell, insomniac pro here. 🙂

    1. I love your six word reply, Elle! I use prescription strength sleep aids, and some nights, that doesn’t even work! Yes, my husband does snore…..that doesn’t ever help:)

  5. Having been depressed off and on for my whole life, I know how you feel. Hope your situation is different. And, oh, good writing!


  6. Kelly says:

    I always feel like I need a vacation from my vacation. Sounds like you do, too.

  7. GG says:

    I think that was more than 6 words. : )

    1. There are six words in each line. It’s totally legal.

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