The things she says.

Lizzy-Jane is talking more and more with each passing day, and the things she says are becoming more and more precious, heart breaking and hilarious. I decided to write a blog today to remember some of the biggies from the past couple of days.

Yesterday we went to Praise Kids. I wish I had remembered my camera. I wanted to take a picture. It was great, she did the best she has ever done. There were lots of people there. I can’t wait to go back next week. Maybe I’ll remember my camera then.

I just love pictures with blogs. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all. So, I will try to find a picture for this blog…somewhere. She’s still asleep, and you know I’m not going to wake her up on purpose while I’m having some QUIET time!

I found one! She’s talking to her Daddy in this one. (I’m the lump under the blanket behind her, and he is the one with the camera.) So, let’s begin.

On Monday I had to take her to the doctor. She had a croupy cough. When we went to pick up her medicine, the pharmacy tech asked me her birth date. I told her, 12/2/08, then Lizzy-Jane repeated, “2 0 8”. I was impressed. For the rest of the day I was able to use that to calm her down. Say, if I was changing her diaper, and she was trying to pitch a fit, I would just say, “Hey Lizzy-Jane, can you say 12/2/08.” And she would try it again.

Anyway, after the medicine, we were driving home from our busy morning. A couple blocks from our house LJ said, “No, nap, NO!!!!” I almost laughed. I hadn’t even mentioned a nap. Of course I had thought it, but I hadn’t said it. It was as if LJ was getting tired, and was trying to convince HERSELF that she didn’t want a nap. We got home and she went right down, with no tears, for over two hours!

Later that afternoon, after a non-afternoon nap, I was changing LJ’s diaper and she smiled and said, “Daddy home soon.” I almost cried. That was Monday, Daddy’s not coming home till Friday. How will we ever make it?!!! I just said, “No, Daddy’s not coming home soon.” She let it go after that. The thing is; every week he works out of town all week, but last week he commuted 2 hours one way (4 hours a day) everyday to come home and see us in the evenings. It was great! So, LJ was used to getting up from her afternoon nap and knowing that Daddy was coming home soon.

(See, here she is loving on her Daddy’s leg)

Yesterday morning was a very early one, and Praise Kids doesn’t start til 10. So, it was iffy as to whether LJ would make it through without a nap. Real early she was saying that she wanted to go outside. I told her to wait, that we would go to Praise Kids later. As we were putting on shoes to go (actually, I was putting on mine and she ran in with hers, definitely ready to escape the house again) LJ says, out of no where, “Thank you Mama!” It was so cute.

Before that she had been in her booster seat coloring and looking at a magazine and playing with a Bible. I walked into the other room to get on THIS thing, and she shouts out, “I wanna read my Bible.” Of course, I couldn’t deny that. So, I went in there and read John 3:16 to her. Which I sing to her all the time (and she can sing a lot of the words with me). She seemed to want more after that, so I read her John 1: 1-3. After that she had had enough and was ready to hold the Bible herself.

Then we had to go to the bank. There was a baby play table there. After my business, I let her play with it a little bit. When I told her it was time to go she threw a fit, complete with rolling around on the floor. I picked her up and walked out whispering, “Are you supposed tho throw temper tantrums. She took a long time to calm down. I was really wondering if Praise Kids was going to work. But, I drove around a little bit, and sang to her and she really mellowed out. I was hoping. When I pulled into the parking lot, LJ starting shouting, “Church, Mama, church.” And, wouldn’t stop until I acknowledged that yes we were at church and going to Praise Kids. She had a blast. Our choir director leads Praise Kids. His name is Josh. She finally gave him a high five after the session. He’s been trying for months, but she would just look at him all shy like.

That’s my girl!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. The Husband says:

    What did she do that was the best thing ever???? It makes me sad that I would not be “home soon”. I love you, my beautiful Ladies. Maybe God will bring my work home soon.

    1. What do you mean the best thing ever?? I don’t know what you are talking about.

  2. OH, she was participating really well. She was taking the scarf and saying and doing “Up and Down” exactly like Josh was. And, she was putting away her instruments and toys without complaining, and she helped tuck in all the ribbons into the box. And, she sang along to Jesus loves me.

  3. Kelly says:

    What a cutie. She’s at the age where her personality starts to shine through. Enjoy it!

    1. I will try! I am really starting to understand the truth of how fast the time flies by. I’m trying to appreciate each moment.

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