This is for my mother. She mentioned yesterday that she loves to read my poetry. So, as I was sitting here trying to decide what to blog about today, I read my friend, Kelly’s latest blog.

That’s is when I decided to write a new poem of my own.

Here’s my effort (Thanks, Mom):

Messy House (with apologies to Shel Silverstein)

Whosever house this is should be ashamed!
Her kitchen floor is caked up with debris.
Her floor beneath the couch is full of dust motes.
A bra is hanging on the chair for all to see.
Her paint supplies are on the table.
Her shoes are all scattered about.
Her coffee grounds are spilled on the counter top.
On the microwave, a dying plant is left out.
His beard hairs are on the bathroom sink.
His laundry is piled in his room.
A bug is crawling across the kitchen floor.
In the kitchen corner there is an unused broom.
Whosever house this is should be ashamed!
Jenny or Susan or Karen or —
What? You say it’s mine? Oh, my,
I knew I recognized it!