My friend, Bess, wins the cool award this month. She invited me and my little “angel mine” to her beach house, in Oak Island, this week. Our other friend, Kris, also came with her four children. It is the first vacation I have had in I don’t care to count how long. And it was the greatest gift, possibly ever, accepting Lizzy-Jane herself of course.

It was not only a great gift to get away. It was a truly great gift to see old girlfriends and watch our children find such joy and excitement in the beach and each other. I love to see joy on my daughter’s face. And, I love to feel it in my heart.

Like Kris’s husband said, “It is very important to have people in your life who have known you for a long time.” I feel more whole than I have felt in a long time.

Thanks Bess! You win!!